About Big Orange Give

Join Volunteers across the world in a 125-hour drive to raise $125,000

Every day UT students, faculty, staff, and alumni change the world by making groundbreaking discoveries, developing innovative programs, and by sharing their volunteer spirit and talent in their communities. Big Orange Give is a new effort to publicize this good work and to encourage investment in it.

Two thirds

Two thirds of students received financial aid from UT in FY ’13.

Gifts under $500

Gifts of less than $500 totaled $3.76 million to UT last year.

Gifts under $100

49% of gifts to UT are less than $100.


Print the sign. Post a pic. Tag it with #BigOrangeGive. We’ll do the rest.

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Top 12 Reasons to Give

  • There’s No Place Like Rocky Top.

    It’s a feeling that needs no explanation. UT will always be home sweet home to you

  • It Makes a Difference.

    Every gift matters. Last year, gifts of less than $500 added up to $3.76 million for the university

  • Orange-Tinted Memories.

    The first day you set foot on campus? The day you left in your cap and gown? Everyone has a favorite memory

  • To Say Thank You.

    Supporting students is a great way to pay it forward

  • You Met Someone Special.

    Maybe you met your spouse or your BFF in a classroom on the Hill. UT is the reason you connected

  • Generosity is Contagious.

    Give to inspire other alumni and students to do the same

  • You Bleed Orange.

    Cheering on student-athletes is like cheering for your own children. Help them stay ahead of the game

  • Help Yourself by Helping UT.

    The value of your degree grows stronger as our institutional reputation increases.

  • For Future Vols.

    Help us make sure that this university is the best it can possibly be for your children and all future Vols

  • All in for UT.

    We need alumni on our journey. Alumni giving rates are weighed as part of the US News rankings

  • Tradition.

    Torch Night, painting the Rock, climbing the Hill, running through the T, and don’t step on the seal!

  • We are Volunteers.

    We know what it means to give of ourselves and give back. Volunteers go above and beyond

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Big Orange Give?

Big Orange Give is a 125-hour campaign to raise $125,000 for the University of Tennessee.


Why should I give during the Big Orange Give?

There are twelve good reasons listed on this site, but here’s another: throughout the Big Orange Give, prominent members of the UT community will be offering generous matching gifts, so your contribution might be doubled.


How do the matching gifts work?

Each of the first five days of the Big Orange Give feature a gift challenge from a prominent member of the UT community. Like you, these donors have particular areas of passion at UT, so each time you contribute to your college, department, or other favorite area, the donor will make an equal gift to his or her passion.


Can I designate where my gift goes?

Yes. You can pick a specific Impact Big Ideas project, a campus or college fund, or any other area you are passionate about.

Why is UT doing the Big Orange Give?

Every gift to the University of Tennessee matters. Big Orange Give is opportunity to remind alumni and friends about the life-changing work that goes on each day at UT, with the added bonus of giving you a chance to double your investment.


How do I find out if my employer will match my gift?

See if your employer is a matching gift company.


Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Please note that gifts to athletics for ticket benefits are only 80% tax deductible.


Can I contribute to athletics? Can my donation to athletics be used for credit towards athletic tickets?

Yes. Simply choose Athletics Annual Gift Program on the form. You will receive credit toward athletic tickets if your gift meets athletics guidelines.


Other questions?

Contact us at alumnistaff@utk.edu or 865.974.3011.