Student Schedule – Big Orange Give

Big Orange Give: For the Next 225

To commemorate UT Knoxville’s 225th anniversary, our goal is to raise $2.25 million in 24 hours.

Student Schedule, November 11-14

Our goal is to educate the campus community about Big Orange Give, its impact on the University, and how students, faculty, and staff can support the University’s efforts.

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All Week

Lifesize Big Orange GIVE letters will be on campus in various locations for students to interact with and photograph.

Monday, November 11: Education Day

Big Orange Give Class Cab (like the Cash Cab game show)
9:00am – 1:00pm

We will have two golf carts (or UT vans depending on the weather) which will be decorated and branded for the event. Unsuspecting students will enter the “Class Cab” as simple passengers taking a normal ride to class, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re instant contestants on the Alumni Office’s educational and entertaining game.

As students are driven to their destination they will be asked questions about Big Orange Give, the Alumni Office, UT facts, etc. and have a limited amount of time to answer. As they answer questions right, they receive funding for university related organizations, programs, or colleges of their choosing. Get three questions wrong and they are dropped off prior to meeting their destination. Special guest hosts will be participating throughout the event.

Tuesday, November 12: Education Day

“Donors are the Key to Success” game on Pedestrian Walkway
10:00am – 2:00pm

Students are invited to Pedestrian Walkway on Tuesday to participate in an educational game called “Donors are the Key to Success.” During this event students will play a Big Orange Give themed board game to learn more about donor and alumni support of UT. After playing, students will have an opportunity to select a key from a peg board and try that key on the lock of a treasure box.

Wednesday, November 13: Participation Day

Live Big Orange Give Thermometer on Pedestrian Walkway

  • SAA members will man the Big Orange Give Social Command Center at the Tyson Alumni Center and help produce personalized videos and tweets for donors throughout the day.
  • SAA members will table on Pedestrian Walkway from 10:00 am-3:00 pm showcasing a live giving thermometer and holding a guessing contest for the number of donors during Big Orange Give. The live thermometer will feature stress balls, each representing $1,000, and will be updated hourly. This will serve as a visual representation of our fundraising campaign throughout the day. The student(s) closest to guessing the number of donors during Big Orange Give will receive an Alumni Prize Pack.
  • On Wednesday, all students will receive an email about Big Orange Give and seniors will receive a specific email encouraging students to give back through Senior Impact. All student donors will receive a commemorative pennant for making a gift during BOG.

Thursday, November 14: Celebration Day

Celebration of Big Orange Give Success on Pedestrian Walkway
11:00am – 2:00pm

SAA members will table on Pedestrian Walkway from 11-2 pm. SAAs will celebrate the conclusion of Big Orange Give (and by this time…hopefully us reaching our $2.25 million goal). Students will complete “You Big Orange Give so I can…” signs, help film a donor thank you video, and will receive a UT Alumni Swag for participating.

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