Ambassador Toolkit – Big Orange Give

Big Orange Give

November 8, 2023

Wednesday | 24 Hours | Midnight to Midnight

Goal: 10,000 gifts

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Alyssa Roberts | | 865-974-4605

Thank you for signing up to be a Big Orange Give ambassador!

Big Orange Give is the university’s day of giving. A 24-hour online challenge for alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty, staff, and fans to support Rocky Top.

Your work as a Big Orange Give ambassador makes a big difference. You help bring in more support for the people, places, and programs you love most at UT. Follow the timeline and suggestions here to help us set a new record day of giving for UT. Let’s get started!

You+2 | Triple Your Impact!

The You+2 campaign challenges you to make a gift of any amount and recruit at least two others to donate as well. When you reach this goal, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE UT travel mug to show your pride and our appreciation all winter.

Ambassador Dashboard

Access your unique ambassador dashboard to track personal fundraising goals with real-time updates about how much money you raise and who is giving.

Ambassadors who served last year will need to re-register their dashboard.

Go to:

You can create an account to log into your dashboard with your email address and a password. Please use the email address that you have previously shared with us; otherwise, we may not know it’s you! Now you are ready to log in and view the names of those who have given using the link you have shared with others.

If you forget your password, you can request a reset code be sent to your email address. You can find the link to reset just below the “Log In” button.

You will not be able to register your dashboard until you receive your unique URL. If you have not received your URL by November 6, please email Alyssa Roberts at

Ambassador’s Timeline


  • Let your family and friends know you’ll be participating by sharing about Big Orange Give through personal emails or by word of mouth.
  • Explore the online toolkit and download graphics at
  • Update your social media profile and cover photos to show you support BOG. Use one of our digital graphics, snap a selfie, or share a throwback photo from your time on Rocky Top.
  • Follow @tennalum and @utknoxville to get the latest information about Big Orange Give.
  • Use and follow the hashtag #BigOrangeGive to be part of the conversation on social media.


  • Make your gift today!
  • As an ambassador, you have early access to the BOG website starting on Monday, November 6. Your support will inspire others! Designate your gift to the area of the university that interests you most. Pledges can be fulfilled, too.
  • Introduce your social network to BOG! We recommend posting at least one to three times before BOG to promote the event. Consider sharing the exciting match and challenge opportunities, or share a personal story about how UT has impacted your life.


  • November 8 is UT’s day of giving, #BigOrangeGive. You can pick any area or initiative on campus to support. Pick the spot of your favorite memory at UT and make an impact!
  • I need your help on Nov. 8! It’s #BigOrangeGive, UT’s day of giving. Please consider giving a gift of any size through my giving link – I thank you, and so do fellow Vols!
  • #BigOrangeGive is an opportunity for all Vols to make a difference on Rocky Top! We’re celebrating 10 years of Big Orange Give with a goal of 10,000 gifts!
  • #BigOrangeGive is this Thursday! I’m supporting [area of choice] because [brief reason why]. What will you support this year?
  • On November 8, Tennessee Volunteers across the country will come together with a goal to reach 10,000 to support fellow Vols. Let’s show the world what Volunteers can do during #BigOrangeGive!


  • Another chance to make your gift online!
  • Talk about BOG with your friends and family when you see them.
  • Email, call, and text your friends and family encouraging them to give to an area of their choice.
  • Keep your social networks in the loop! We recommend following the timeline below to promote BOG. If you’re really enthusiastic, consider giving an hourly update.
  • Like, comment, and share our real-time updates. UT Knoxville, UT Knoxville Alumni, and participating colleges and units will be sharing messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Use and follow the hashtag #BigOrangeGive.



  • Today is #BigOrangeGive, @UTKnoxville’s 24-hour day of giving! Join me in helping to reach 10,000 gifts for current and future Vols.
  • It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol! Which college, cause, project, or scholarship fund means the most to you? Support it with a gift on #BigOrangeGive today!
  • Did you know that you can support your favorite college, cause, or project at UT? Discover all the ways you can #BigOrangeGive at


  • Did you know that during #BigOrangeGive last year, more than 58% of gifts were less than $100? ANY gift counts, no matter how big or small! Give yours today at
  • Double your $$! Check out this list to see where your money goes further when you #BigOrangeGive today.
  • We’re called Volunteers for a reason. Let’s show the world what we can accomplish when we stand together! #BigOrangeGive and light the path for current and future Volunteers!


  • I am so proud of our Volunteer family for stepping up today for #BigOrangeGive! There is still time to make your gift to help fellow Vols!
  • It’s the final countdown! Make your gift today and help Vols reach 10,000 gifts! [quote tweet or re-share a photo or video posted by @tennalum]


  • Like, comment, and share the follow-up results from UT Knoxville, UT Knoxville Alumni, and participating colleges and units via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Take the ambassador follow-up survey that will be emailed to you.
  • Take a moment to thank your networks for their generosity!


  • We did it, Vols! Together, we reached more than 10,000 gifts during #BigOrangeGive in just 24 hours. I’m happy to be able to support UT because {insert reason why}.

Dear [recipient’s preferred name],

I hope that you’re doing well! [Insert a relevant or personal anecdote].

Today is Big Orange Give, the University of Tennessee’s 24-hour day of giving. Now, more than ever, we need to support our Vols. This year, Big Orange Give is reaching for a goal of 10,000 for people, places, and programs at UT.

I am raising funds to help current and future Vols, and could really use your support. A gift of any amount would help. You can make a donation by clicking my personal fundraising link: [AMBASSADOR’S UNIQUE LINK]. If you are on social media, follow #BigOrangeGive all day to watch the fun and progress.

Thank you in advance for your support. Go Vols!

[Your name]

Hi, this is [Name]. Today is Big Orange Give, the University of Tennessee’s 24-hour day of giving.

I am raising funds to help current and future Vols, and could really use your support. A gift of any amount would help us toward today’s goal. You can make a gift on UT’s Big Orange Give website by going to [AMBASSADOR’S UNIQUE LINK].

Feel free to call [or text] me if you have questions about Big Orange Give or how to donate. Talk to you soon.

Today is Big Orange Give, the University of Tennessee’s 24-hour day of giving. I am raising funds to help current and future Vols and could really use your support. You can make a gift at [AMBASSADOR’S UNIQUE LINK]. Thanks!